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 Narrow bandpass filter

The WDM filter design approach can be also successfully applied for narrow band pass filters in visible and near-IR.

OptiLayer provides additional opportunities for achieving excellent filter spectral properties by using mirrors with 3-quarter wave layers. This gives more freedom in controlling steepness of phase shift upon reflection in filter cavities.

Example: narrow bandpass filter for the spectral range from 500 nm to 570 nm. High transmission range is from 525 nm to 535 nm, low transmission range is from 500 nm to 520 nm and from 540 nm to 570 nm.

In this case \(\lambda_0\)=530 nm, \(\Delta\lambda_p=10\) nm, \(\Delta\lambda_r=15\).

OptiLayer allows indicating transmittance values (Y-axis) in linear scale, logarithmic scale and diabatic scale.


DesCol NBPF Spec1
 DesCol NBPF Spec2

The number of cavities (spacer layers) recommended by OptiLayer is more than 6. High refractive index material is specified as spacer layer material. 35-layer prototype can be considered.

Final result: 36 layer narrow bandpass filter. Two last layers is anti-reflection coating.

DesCol NBPF Spec3

OptiLayer allows additional settings including the possibility to specify 50% half-width:

DesCol NBPF Spec4

Learn more in:

A. Tikhonravov and M. Trubetskov, "Modern design tools and a new paradigm in optical coating design," Appl. Opt. 51, 7319-7332 (2012).

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