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New in Interlayers

In the previous versions the refractive index of interlayers was computed automatically as a 50%/50% mixture of surrounding materials (Bruggemann's formula was used). In order to keep total thickness of the design constant, thicknesses of interlayers are subtracted from thicknesses of surrounding layers.

In the new version there is the ability to select how the refractive index of interlayers is calculated (see in Glossarium). Available choices are similar to Mixture options of the Material editor. This option includes

  • Average Weighted Value of Permittivities,
  • Bruggemann's Formula,
  • Average Weighed Value of Refractive Indices.

As before, the proportion of adjacent materials in the mixture is 50%. This selection affects both Inhomogeneities/Interlayers option in Analysis menu and Inhomogeneities/Interlayers Refinement option in Synthesis menu.

Interlayers in optical designs
Deviations tab added also to Interlayers/Inhomogeneity Evaluation window and to Systematic Deviations window. Digitize command is also supported.

Interlayers in optical coatings

effect of interlayers on transmittance

OptiLayer Core Expertise:

OptiLayer allows the designing of all types of multilayers in accordance with desired specifications, among them:

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