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OptiLayer:  Your Partner in Design and Post-Production Characterization of Optical Coatings


UltraFast Innovations

OptiLayer has been collaborating with UltraFast Innovations successfully on diverse research subjects over the last years (see publications). UltraFast Innovations produces customized optics for a variety of applications, in particular in the femtosecond and attosecond domain. OptiLayer is the design software of choice and has consistently been used by UltraFast Innovations. This collaboration has now been taken to the next level, which includes closer integration on the technology side. As in the past, UltraFast Innovations continues to provide feedback to OptiLayer from the characterization of optics. This information closes the feedback cycle, thus enabling improvements to the software. Furthermore, a common marketing and sales strategy has been devised. In a first step, OptiLayer is available through UltraFast Innovations, making their extensive experience with the software available to customers.     



Achievements in the field of design and characterization of multilayer coatings for laser applications are being published: 

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