OIC 2022
  • Mr. Yasunari Onizaki participated in the 7th Optical Thin Film Fair 2020 in Japan on 11.11.20-13.11.20.
  • In the course of the event, Mr. Onizaki organized and held a 90-minute seminar on OptiLayer software.
  • Mr. Yasunari Onizaki participated in the optical thin-film fair on 12.11.19-14.11.19. In the course of the event, Mr. Onizaki presented a 90-minute talk on OptiLayer software.
OptiLayer in Japan
  • OptiLayer participated in Optatec 2018, Frankfurt am Main. 
  • OptiLayer participated in OIC Exhibition 2016.
  • OptiLayer participated in Optatec 2016, Frankfurt am Main, 7-9 June. 
  • OptiLayer participated in the exhibition organized in the frame of Optical System Design (OSD 2015) Conference in Jena, September 2015.