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Display Absorption Options

Layer absorptance option:

Now loaded Layer Absorption Target is also shown in the Layer Absorptance Evaluation window.

Layer Absorptance Target allows to optimize the absorptance in layers of a specified layer material or materials. Due to flexible implementation this target can be used in all synthesis options, including Gradual Evolution and Needle Optimization.

In Layer Absorption Target you can specify: 

  • number of spectral points
  • incident angle
  • distribution of wavelength/wavenumber points
  • absorption target values for each spectral point
  • tolerance values for each spectral point
  • qualifier for each spectral point

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layer absorptance

Layer absorptance evaluation window:

now it is possible to adjust Y-axis scales independently from T, R Evaluation. In order to do this we use

Options -> Axis -> Layer Absorptance tab.


Layer Absorptance option allows you to represent a level of absorptance in individual layers of the design as a function of wavelength or angle of incidence.

Absorption Settings
Absorption RT

Absorption Abs Independent

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