Layer Absorptance

Layer Absorptance option allows you to represent a level of absorptance in individual layers of the design as a function of wavelength (Spectral mode) or angle of incidence (Angular mode).

Layer Absorptance Setup dialog allows you to select Polarization state and Incident angle (or wavelength value in Angular mode) for this analysis. It is also possible to limit display to a range of layers (Start Layer and End Layer entries) and to just one of available set of Materials.

Recently developed design option allows you to optimize absorptance in selected layers.

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Layer Absoptance

Example: 5-layer design for thin film solar cell (M. Zeman, Optical modeling of a- Si:H solar cells with rough interfaces: Effect of back contact and interface roughness, J. of Appl. Phys., 2000, Vol. 88):

Ag -       300 nm

n-a-Si -  20 nm

i-a-Si   - 600 nm

p-a-Si  - 9 nm

SnO2  - 16 nm

It is possible to display Layer Absoptance at the Evaluation window together with other spectral characteristics. 

Layer Absoptance

Layer Absoptance in separate layers can be plotted in a special Window: Analysis --> Layer Absorptance

Absoptance in coating layers

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