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 Design Cleaner

The Design Cleaner option is intended for an automatic simplification of designs obtained by OptiLayer refinement and synthesis routines.

Synthesis --> Design Cleaner

The Design Cleaner allows you to reduce the number of design layers by the removal of those layers, which excluding from the design with subsequent design reoptimization causes only a small effect on the merit function value.

The main stop criteria for the Design Cleaner are the relative Allowed increase of MF measured in percentage and number of layers (NEW! Version 11.65).

 thin film design

In the example, 25 layers is specified as a low boundary of the number of layers.

Example. Designing a beamsplitter:

  • Spectral range from 620 nm to 680 nm;
  • Rs=Rp=50%;
  • AOI=450;
  • Thin film materials - Nb2O5/SiO2.

A 35-layer design can be easily obtained with the help of the Needle Optimization Technique (see Rp/Rs and refractive index profile below).

beamsplitter design

beamsplitter refractive index

As a result, a 25-layer design can be obtained.              beamsplitter reflectance

This design contains, however, one layer of 15 nm thickness.beamsplitter design

Then Thin Layer Removal procedure can be applied and 23-layer design is obtained.

beamsplitter reflectance

The thinnest layer is now of 50.2 nm thickness.

 refractive index profile

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Docs / Support

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