Catalog of Thin Film Materials/Substrates/Detectors/Light Sources

OptiLayer provides four catalogs: Light Source, Detector, Substrate and Layer Materials.

  • Layer Material catalog includes 119 refractive indices of many popular materials used in coatings production
  • Substrate catalog contains 916 substrates
  • Light Source catalog includes data files on 16 widely-used in colorimetry light sources
  • Detector catalog includes data on spectral luminous efficiencies of a human eye


catalog substrates
 Catalog thin film materials

Substrate catalog includes several sub-catalogs:

  • Schott glass catalog
  • Hoya catalog
  • Ohara catalog
  • Ohara Low Tg catalog
  • Sumita catalog
  • Hikari catalog
  • CDGM catalog
  • some data on Metals
  • Misc: data files that don't belong to any other sub-catalogs.

You can also create a special directory (for example, "My Catalog") and save there your own materials/substrates/light souces/detector.