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Electric Field Targets

Unique OptiLayer analysis and synthesis modes have gained new developments in connection with the introduction of targets of a new type – EFI (Electrical Field Intensity) targets. Targets of this type are intended for solving problems with additional demands to the intensity of electric field inside coating layers.

A challenging problem is minimizing electric field intensity inside a coating or inside layers of a given material. A set of powerful OptiLayer design options such as Refinement, Constrained Optimization, Formula Constrained Optimization, Random Optimization can be used for solving this problem. The problem can be solved over a specified wavelength range. If necessary electric field intensity can be maximized as well. 


electric field optimization 

Example (In order to see field distribution for different wavelengths, put mouse button on the right pane picture)

electric field optimization

In this example the target is the minimization of the squared modulus of amplitude in all high index layers. Such target is typical for high intensity field applications.

Electric Field Target allows to Minimize or Maximize a squared modulus of the electric field amplitude. It is allowed to specify

  • Incident Angle
  • Polarization
  • Wavelength range and number of wavelength points
  • Grid type (Linear, Logarithmic, Inversely Proportional)
  • Number of grid points Nz for every layer that should be considered.

Additionally it is necessary to specify what is the target (Maximize or Minimize) for every layer material included into the coating (currently loaded to memory).


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