Error Analysis

A large variety of Error Analysis options of OptiLayer provides a statistical evaluation of the effect that errors in the layer thicknesses and refractive indices in a design will have on the spectral response of a designated spectral characteristic, color coordinates, integral values, and electric field distribution. The following options are available:

error analysis

Influence of random errors in layer thicknesses of 1%  and random errors in refractive indices 0.2% of magnitude on spectral transmittance of a RAMP coating

deposition errors in multilayer coatings

Error Analysis options are available through:

Analysis --> Errors

Due to high computational power, OptiLayer allows you to perform many hundreds of statistical test in a very short time.

Error Analysis options enable:

  • Evaluation of stability of obtained designs to errors in layer thicknesses and optical constants;
  • solutions with respect to stability to potential deposition errors.