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List of changes in the hot-fix version 11.03a (released 31 October 2015)

In OptiLayer:

  1. Fixed interface problem inT & R Evaluation and similar windows and Y-axis represented in log scale.
  2. In some cases Search option (Synthesis menu, Random Optimization) raised "Queue is full" exception.
  3. Stack Editor: when opened with Modify Stack command in the Synthesis menu, then Apply button caused an exception.
  4. BBM and Monochromatic Simulation was performed in single-core processor mode. Corrected. Now the setting of multiprocessing of the main menu is respected.
  5. Fixed a bug in new R and GD, R and GDD windows. In secondary-opened windows settings for plots (Options dialog) were not working properly.
  6. Progress indicator was not working properly during Gradual Evolution step (verbose mode). Fixed.
  7. Division by zero when Field window is opened and Needle AUTO is running. Fixed. The problem happened when some layer become of zero thickness.

In OptiRE:

  1. Added an error message box informing why Multiload option will not work without a design loaded to memory.

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