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Import Data from Excel and Import from Multiple Files

Import Spectra from Excel. This command first opens File Open dialog, where you need to select a corresponding MS Excel file with measurement data. 

OptiChar performs smart scan of Excel file layout and represents all extracted data in the Import Spectra from Excel window. On the bottom all worksheets are listed and can be changed using tabs similar to Excel file, each extracted spectrum is represented in the list to the left with specification of column name, cell range and future measurement file name.

import measurement data in Excel

The names can be adjusted if necessary editing cells in the Measurement Name column. Import column allows to deselect some spectra excluding them from Import operation.

It is important to use Options dialog in order to set correct types of spectra, incidence angle and X- and Y-axis units.

import spectral data from Excel

Import Multiple Files option greatly simplifies measurement data import. Using this option you can import many files in one simple operation. File format is recognized automatically by OptiChar/OptiRE.

Import Multiple Files command opens the corresponding window. On the top of the window the currently opened folder is presented, it could be changed using a Browse button  at the right side. Reload button initiates reloading of all files in the current folder, it may be useful, if new files were added, or some files were deleted in this folder by some other program.

Instead of using Browse button it is possible to use drag-and-drop operation. Simply select the files of interest or a folder containing these files and drop it onto the right part of the window.


 Import multiple measurements

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