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 Stress compensating anti-reflection coating

Example: double-sided optical element for the multiterawatt few-cycle light wave synthesizer based on optical parametric amplification.

Front side: dispersive mirror working in the spectral range from 560 to 1030 nm with average value of the GDD of +75 fs2. Due to mechanical stresses of mirror's layers the substrate become bended, that distorts wave front quality resulting in the distorting of the beam waveform of laser system.

Back side: To compensate this stress, the substrate back side can be covered with an anti-reflection coating having approximately the same mechanical stress. This anti-reflection coating will also suppress the unwanted reflection from the back side.

  • Substrate: Suprasil
  • Layer Materials: Nb2O5 and SiO2

Suitable anti-reflection coating has been obtained with the help of Gradual Evolution and Thin Layer Removal procedure of OptiLayer Software. Necessary preliminary estimations have been done with the help of our AR calculator.

antireflection coating

Comparison of main parameters of the dispersive mirror and anti-reflection coating:
Parameter  Dispersive Mirror  Anti-reflection Design
Number of layers:  74  71
Total physical thickness  7568 nm  7417 nm
Total optical thickness @ 800 nm  13435 nm  13327 nm
 Physical thickness of all Nb2O5 layers  2979 nm  3077 nm
Physical thickness of all SiO2 layers  4589 nm  4340 nm

Learn more in our publication:

T. Amotchkina, M.Trubetskov, Y. Pervak, L. Veisz, V. Pervak, Stress compensation with antireflection coatings for ultrafast laser applications: from theory to practice, Optics Express, Vol. 22, pp. 30387-30393 (2014)

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