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What's new in OptiLayer in 2013 (version 9.96)

New Advanced OptiRe Examples

  • The first example demonstrates the application of for the analysis of multiple in situ measurement data. In this case a 15-layer Ta2O5/SiO2 mirror was deposited with intentionally introduced errors in two layer thicknesses. Magnetron sputtering deposition process with well-calibrated time control was used for this mirror deposition.
  • The second example is very close to the first example, but in this case intentional errors were introduced to four layers of the 15-layer mirror. 


New Ex FinalFit To Example 2: Fittings of experimental data by model data (in order to see initial and intermediate fittings, put the mouse on the picture)
  • The third  example demonstrates the importance of some informative zones in measured data. Two mirrors are considered: one mirror with intentional errors in 2 layers, and another mirror with intentional errors in 4 layers.
  • The fourth example demonstrates the reverse engineering of a 26-layer narrow bandpass filter. Unreliable and reliable solutions will be obtained, and data verification are considered.
New Ex Errors To Example 2: Intentional relative errors are reproduced with good accuracy.

See the details in our publications:

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  3. A. Tikhonravov, T. Amotchkina, M. Trubetskov, R. Francis, V. Janicki, J. Sancho-Parramon, H. Zorc, and V. Pervak. "Optical characterization and reverse engineering based on multiangle spectroscopy." Appl. Opt. 51, 245-254 (2012).


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