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OptiLayer:  Your Partner in Design and Post-Production Characterization of Optical Coatings


New Import and Export Options


New monitoring spreadsheet export features have been added for your convenience:

  • Export of monitoring spreadsheets in the form of Excel-type spreadsheets (Right-click mouse menu in the OptiMonitor window);
  • Export to Optorun monitoring form at the right-click of mouse menu in the OptiMonitor window;


       Export Opturn

Additional improvements of monitoring spreadsheet printing in the form of configuration dialog and printing data for each witness chip on a separate paper sheet. 

The configuration settings are available through Preview icon on the main panel:



  • There is now ability to export rugate designs to LMR, ODX, and DSG files. In the previous version of OptiLayer rugate export was difficult because of the limitations on the number of materials in one directory. In Version 10.48, the number of materials is 999 and it is enough to export rugates.
  • In OptiLayer and OptiRE, import from ODX and DSG files has been improved: Now loaded materials and abbreviations are preserved during import operations which allows you to perform multiple import operations to the same Problem directory with preserving already available material abbreviations and designs using these abbreviations.
  • In OptiChar and OptiRE, import of UDS files from Hitachi U-4100 and AUH-4150 spectrophotometers has been implemented.




Easy to start

Icons 100x100 1OptiLayer provides user-friendly interface and a variety of examples allowing even a beginner to effectively start to design and characterize optical coatings.        Read more...

Docs / Support

Icons 100x100 2Comprehensive manual in PDF format and e-mail support help you at each step of your work with OptiLayer.



Icons 100x100 3If you are already an experienced user, OptiLayer gives your almost unlimited opportunities in solving all problems arising in design-production chain. Visit our publications page and challenge page.


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