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OptiLayer:  Your Partner in Design and Post-Production Characterization of Optical Coatings


COM Automation

OptiRE supports the modern software technology called Automation. This enables incorporating OptiRE in any production control software. Due to this technology OptiRE can be involved into the on-line control of manufacturing process.
It is possible to call OptiRE functions and get results back from any other program.
In 2014 OptiLayer module COM Automation has been officially released.
real time coating analysis
 COM Automation
The only requirement is to use a tool supporting COM automation technology. It is possible to use: 
  • Visual Basic,
  • Visual C++,
  • C#,
  • Embarcadero C++,
  • Delphi,
  • Java,
  • Matlab,
  • VBA for Microsoft Office,
  • LabVIEW.

You can start your code with one of the examples included into OptiLayer package. The examples are installed at your desktop in OptiLayer Automation Examples folder.

All examples include full source code with detailed step-by-step comments, sending and receiving information and driving OptiRE functions.

 COM Autom Examples

 Example. COM Automation in OptiRE

COM Autom Excel

Starting from Version 10.48 (2014)

  • Import of LMR and ODX files is now supported with OptiRE COM Automation interface.
  • The "Model Changed" event notification is added to the events of OptiRE COM interface.
  • Examples demonstrating OptiLayer and OptiRE modules Automation are added to the installation package. These are examples in C# and VB.NET (.NET Framework 4 and later), Delphi, VBA (Excel).All examples include source code demonstrating typical calls and implementation details. Comments in the code allow one to study Automation quickly. These examples can be used as starting points for your own development.

Easy to start

Icons 100x100 1OptiLayer provides user-friendly interface and a variety of examples allowing even a beginner to effectively start to design and characterize optical coatings.        Read more...

Docs / Support

Icons 100x100 2Comprehensive manual in PDF format and e-mail support help you at each step of your work with OptiLayer.



Icons 100x100 3If you are already an experienced user, OptiLayer gives your almost unlimited opportunities in solving all problems arising in design-production chain. Visit our publications page and challenge page.


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