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Example 2. Design of mirrors using quasi-rugate filters

Quasi-rugate filter a multilayer: 

• that may have layers with variable refractive indices limited by refractive indices of low and high index materials;
• that does not contain thin layers;
• with refractive index profiles  resembling a rugate refractive index profiles
• with spectral properties typical for rugate filters

For the design procedure a special material, so called changeable material, with variable refractive index is used. The design procedure is based on the constrained optimization of a special type. Constrained optimization is used in order to limit layer thicknesses and obtain designs without thin layers.

Design of the mirror with the suppressed second high reflection zone

Two-component (classical) solution

quasi-rugate coating

Transmittance of 68-layer two component mirror.

Quasi-rugate solution

quasi-rugate coating

 Transmittance of a quasi-rugate design.
 quasi-rugate coating Structure of 68-layer two-component design  quasi-rugate filter Refractive index profile of quasi-rugate solution

 Learn more in:   A.V. Tikhonravov, M.K. Trubetskov, and T.V. Amotchkina, "Application of constrained optimization to the design of quasi-rugate optical coatings," Appl. Opt. 47, 5103-5109 (2008).

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