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 Broadband Monitoring Simulation

Broadband Monitoring Simulation tool allows you to perform computational experiments simulating deposition processes in vacuum chambers equipped with broadband monitoring devices. A six-step dialog is used to specify parameters of deposition process and monitoring device, to run computational experiments, and to analyze their results. OptiLayer simulator allows specifying major deposition parameters causing errors in the course of the deposition process:

  • Mean deposition rates of the materials and their fluctuations;
  • Random and systematic deviations of refractive indices;
  • Mean shutter delay and its fluctuations;
  • Incidence angle, scan interval, monitoring spectral range nd number of wavelength points;
  • Level of random noise and drift in measurement data.

Anim BBM OptiLayer allows you to estimate production yield on the basis computational manufacturing experiments. For reliable estimation of yield  we recommend to perform 50-100 experiments. See the details in our publications.

Spectral performance and thickness errors can be observed at the end of each computational manufacturing run.

Anim BBM final T

Anim BBM finalErr


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