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OptiLayer:  Your Partner in Design and Post-Production Characterization of Optical Coatings


Catalog of Thin Film Materials/Substrates/Detectors/Light Sources

OptiLayer provides four catalogs: Light Source, Detector, Substrate and Layer Materials.

  • Layer Material catalog includes 119 refractive indices of many popular materials used in coatings production
  • Substrate catalog contains 916 substrates
  • Light Source catalog includes data files on 16 widely-used in colorimetry light sources
  • Detector catalog includes data on spectral luminous efficiencies of a human eye


catalog substrates
 Catalog thin film materials

Substrate catalog includes several sub-catalogs:

  • Schott glass catalog
  • Hoya catalog
  • Ohara catalog
  • Ohara Low Tg catalog
  • Sumita catalog
  • Hikari catalog
  • CDGM catalog
  • some data on Metals
  • Misc: data files that don't belong to any other sub-catalogs.

You can also create a special directory (for example, "My Catalog") and save there your own materials/substrates/light souces/detector.

Easy to start

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Docs / Support

Icons 100x100 2Comprehensive manual in PDF format and e-mail support help you at each step of your work with OptiLayer.



Icons 100x100 3If you are already an experienced user, OptiLayer gives your almost unlimited opportunities in solving all problems arising in design-production chain. Visit our publications page and challenge page.


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