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Targets in Angular Mode

In the Angular mode, all Target spreadsheets are arranged in pages where each page corresponds to a certain wavelength and contains data for different angles of incidence.

In the Angular mode, the function argument is the angle of incidence, and different curves correspond to different wavelengths.  

Due to this difference, the functionality of some editing tools is appropriately modified.  For example, when editing a Target file in the Spectral mode, you can modify the number of angles of incidence with the Angles button (accessible from the Edit menu).  In the Angular mode, the Angles button is replaced with the Wavelengths button, with similar functionality.

 design omnidirectional
Example: Reflectance of a starting one-layer omnidirectional coatings

Design with the help of the Needle Optimization in the Angular mode.

omnidirectional antireflection coating

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