Specifications in colors

In the new version 12.83, specifications of color properties are implemented.  

color properties multilayers

Specifications can be useful in order to control formal technical specifications of coatings. Such formal requirements are often different from targets needed for efficient and fast solution of design problems.

There exists two ways to introduce specifications of color properties: Differences and Ranges (see the corresponding tabs on the bottom of Color Specification window). 

Example. Specification with maximum difference according to CIEDE2000 in Chromaticities space with respect to the central point with x=0.32, y=0.27, Ly = 4% for average reflectance at 0, 30, and 45 degrees angle of incidence can be specified with the following settings:

color properties multilayers

In the Preview tab, you  can observe the introduced specifications on the corresponding color diagram.

color multilayer coatings

Specifications are plotted on the corresponding color analysis window.

color differences optical coatings

The corresponding specifications are taken into account in the course of Error Yield Analysis. Yield is calculated as a ratio of the color points inside the specification area to the total number of tests. Color points corresponding to successful tests are presented by the green color. Color points violating the specified area are shown by red color (see the right panel).

color specifications multilayer

colors multilayer
ColorSpec Fig6

Ranges approach is based on the representation of specifications as polygons in a selected space and it is quite similar to Range Targets.

Example. Specification with ranges introduced as a rectangle (see left panel) in La*b* color space for average reflectance at normal incidence. The introduced rectangle is shown on the corresponding color diagram (see left panel below).

The corresponding specifications are taken into account in the course of Error Yield Analysis (see right panel below).


colors of optical coatings color specifications multilayers