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 Statistical Error Analysis

Error Analysis procedure of OptiLayer provides a statistical evaluation of the effect that errors in the layer thicknesses and refractive indices in a design will have on the spectral response of a designated spectral characteristic.

As the computations proceed, a sequence of curves corresponding to the number of statistical tests is plotted on the screen. During the computations, the progress of the statistical procedure is indicated by the percentage bar at the bottom of the window. At the end of the computational procedure, the original (theoretical) spectral characteristic is plotted. It is accompanied by the mathematical expectation (denoted as Exp in the window legend) and two curves indicating the probability corridor for a given error level (these curves are denoted as Exp+-D in the legend).

error analysis

Influence of random errors in layer thicknesses of 1%  and random errors in refractive indices 0.2% of magnitude on spectral transmittance of a RAMP coating

statistical error analysis

Successful design spectral characteristics are plotted in green color, spectral characteristics of designs that are at least partly outside of the corridor specified with range target are plotted in red color.

It is possible to terminate computations at any moment.

Computational progress is represented by the progress indicator in the status bar of the Error Yield Analysis window. Relative part of successful design is represented as percentage at the second progress indicator.

After finishing computations misses during Error Yield analysis are represented in a more detailed form.


 Error analysis and error yield analysis in the case color coatings

In the case of color coatings, OptiLayer enables error analysis of color characteristics
color error analysis color error analysis

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