OptiLayer allows you to present the results in the form of various reports and plots. These reports and plots can be later incorporated into your documents, manuscripts etc., or shared with your colleagues. 

Any evaluation window can be saved in multiple formats: *.vtc2, *.bmp, *.jpg, *.wmf, *.pcx, *.gif, *.png, and *.tiff.

transmittance beamsplitter high extinction ratio

The results in a text form can be found in corresponding Output Windows in Hierarchical View, Plain View, or Editable View forms. Results can be saved to a file, printed, and directly exported to MS Excel.

reflectance transmittance calculation

OptiLayer provides evaluation of all possible spectral characteristics in specified wavelength and angular range:

  • Reflectance, transmittance and back side reflectance
  • Phase in reflectance, transmittance and back side reflectance (\(\varphi r\), \(\varphi t\), \(\varphi Br\))
  • Differential Phase shift on reflectance, transmittance and back side reflectance, i.e. the difference in phase between s- and p-polarization (\(d\varphi r\), \(d\varphi t\), \(d\varphi Br\))
  • Group delay and group delay dispersion
  • Ellipsometric angles \(\Psi\) and \(\Delta\)
  • Absorption in the coating
  • Absorptance in selected layers or in all layers separately

In order to generate the corresponding report, you need to specify a spectral range of interest and number of wavelengths points (or a wavelength step):

calculation spectral characteristics

multilayer design structure

OptiLayer allows you to save all design information in the corresponding text file. The Current Design Report contains layer thicknesses, optical constants of thin-film materials, substrates, incidence medium, light source, merit function etc.

The data can be fully or partially imported to Excel.

In OptiLayer, you can select all or several designs in History window or in Collection window dispalying the best designs obtained in the course of Random Optimization algorithm.

thin film designs

The corresponding reports (History and Collection reports) contain structures of all selected designs and all necessary information (thin-film materials, merit function, etc.)

multilayer designs

If you generated a monitoring spreadsheet, you can create the corresponding report containing all data from the spreadsheet.

monitoring spreadsheet monochromatic

 The report can be saved, printed and exported to Excel.

monochromatic monitoring spreadsheet

You can create an Error Analysis Report. This option is available when the Error Analysis has been performed.

error analysis thin films

The corresponding report contains averaged spectral characteristics, RMS and deviations

error analysis multilayer coatings

You can create an Error Yield Analysis Report. This option is available when the Error Analysis has been performed (for demonstration please click on the picture).

stability multilayer design layer thicknesses

The Error Yield Analysis report the number of misses (lower, upper and total)  for each wavelength:

errors in layer thicknesses stability

The Worst Case Report is composed in a similar way.

OptiLayer can display the Systematic Deviations Analysis Report. This option is available when the Systematic Deviations Analysis has been performed.

design stability to layer errors

The report shows theoretical values and their deviations caused by systematic deviations in layer parameters.

multilayer design stability to layer errors

OptiLayer present a Layer Sensitivity Report if Layer Sensitivity option was applied.

sensitivity design layers to errors

In the Report layer thicknesses, material abbreviations, sensitivity orders, relative sensitivity, and absolute sensitivity are shown.

multilayer design sensitivity to errors


OptiLayer composes Inhomogeneities/Interlayers Report and Interface Roughness Report if these options were applied.

interlayers in multilayer coatings

In the Reports you can find spectral characteristics calculated if specified inhomogeneities, interlayers or surface roughness are taken into account.

inhomogeneous layers in optical coatings


OptiLayer creates a Material Dispersion Report if Material Dispersion  was plotted:

material dispersion in medium

In the Material Dispersion Report you can find material dispersion in the spectral range of interest:

dispersion in media group delay

OptiLayer creates an Electric Filed Report in the case if the Field was calculated:

electric field distribution in multilayer

In the Report, the dependence of the electric field on the coating thickness coordinate is shown:

electric field in optical coating