Reports in OptiRE and OptiChar

In the Data Fitting Window, OptiRE/OptiChar compare the measurement data and corresponding model spectral characteristics:

fitting spectral measurements by model curve

OptiRE/OptiChar allow previewing the text with the information about the fitting of measurement data by theoretical spectral characteristics. This text can be saved or exported to Excel by one mouse click:

fitting experimental data by theoretical data

OptiRE present thickness errors determined in the course of post-production characterization as a diagram or as different tables of values:

thickness errors in multilayers

OptiRE presents the current systematic and random errors in layer thicknesses in the text form (Thickness Errors Report):

errors in layer thicknesses in optical coatings


OptiRE plots initial, corrected refractive indices, drifted refractive indices or/and Layer Inhomogeneities if Refractive Index Correction option was applied or/and Index Drifts (Offsets) and Layer Inhomogeneities were determined in the course of the post-production characterization:

refractive indices correction

The corresponding reports: Refractive indices Report, Index Drift Report and Inhomgeneities Report allow previewing the numerical values in the text form:

refractive index offset

OptiChar plots fitting of the experimental data by model data:

fitting of experimental data by model data

Determined refractive indices, extinction coefficients, thickness dependence of the refractive index are shown in corresponding windows:

thicn film characterization refractive index

 characterization thin film

OptiChar collects and show all layer information obtained in the course of the layer characterization in the Layer Report:

A similar report (Substrate Report) can be created if you characterized a substrate.