Sensitivity-Directed Refinement

Sensitivity-Directed Refinement (SDR)  is aimed at obtaining structurally simple designs, typically with no thin layers. This goal is achieved due to refining not all layer thicknesses simultaneously but only thicknesses of those layers that have been already released for optimization.

The number of layers that are released at each iteration of SDR option is specified at a special SDR Settings window:

Synthesis > Sensitivity-Directed Refinement

Complimentary to refinement procedures, the SDR option can perform also needle optimization.

See our video example at YouTube  YouTube  

blocking filter 

Final transmittance of a block filter. In order to observe the design process, put the mouse of the picture.

blocking filter

blocking filter

Starting (Quarter-wave) and final designs of a blocking filter. Final design is obtained by SDR algorithm.

See the detailed description of the algorithm in our recent publication.