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OptiLayer:  Your Partner in Design and Post-Production Characterization of Optical Coatings


 Frequently Asked Qiestions

  • Can I install the OptiLayer package at several computers?

Yes, of course. But you will be able to work only at the computer with hardware key attached.

  •  What is the policy for software updates?

One year of updates is included with initial purchase. To receive further updates and support it is necessary to renew the maintenance agreement (please, contact our dealers).

  • We have OptiLayer (version v9.96). Is this version of OptiLayer 64-bit compatible? As we are moving to 64-bit machines, we are just trying to get prepared.

OptiLayer is completely compatible with both 64 and 32 bits versions of Windows: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (desktop mode) and Windows 10. Even more, we recommend to use OptiLayer at the latest hardware/software platforms in order to gain maximum performance and efficiency. Learn more …

  • When I tried to launch OptiLayer at my computer, I've got the error message: "Network key was not found. Please, check Server and Client configurations and Firewall setttings!". I have Windows 8. I tried also at another computer with Windows 10 but got the same message. Could you please advise me how to solve this error?

This error message means that the drivers for Guardant key are not installed properly. These drivers are included to installation of OptiLayer and should be configured by the OptiLayer installer. In some cases it doesn't work, most often due to some 3rd party Antivirus software (Microsoft Windows Defender does not make any problem!) In many cases McAfee and Norton Security antivirus packages are the most problematic. If the drivers are not installed properly, you will see the key in "Other devices" group and a yellow exclamation mark indicating the problem. We recommend the following steps to fix the problem.

  1. Unplug the key.
  2. Try to install the drivers manually. OptiLayer installer places required Driver installation pack to the location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Guardant\Setup\setup.exe. OptiLayer installer also creates a shortcut to this Guardant Installer in Start menu -> Programs -> OptiLayer group, where you can find "Guardant Drivers" menu item. You can use any of these ways to start the driver installation. You can try to start this file manually in order to install the drivers. The installer should finish the installation without any error messages!
  3. Plug the key to the computer. It should be recognized as "Guardant Stealth III Sign" key.

If you see an error message during the installation, or it doesn't help, you need to disable Antivirus for the time of installation. Repeat the steps above with disabled Antivirus. Usually "Run-time check" or "Proactive monitoring" option need to be disabled. Unfortunately different antivirus packages have very different options. The quality of these packages is also very different. Some of them have to many "false-positive" diagnostics or affect normal Windows operations quite significantly. For safety you can also disable Internet connection during this operation.

  • I’ve got a new computer (Win7, Dell hardware) and try to reinstall Optilayer Version 5.22 by downloading this version from the download area of your site. My docking station has a parallel port and I inserted the parallel port dongle into it while the computer was docked. However when starting the OL software, I receive the message that the hardware key is missing. Do you have any suggestions how to proceed?

Version 5.22 was released long before Windows 7 and of course it is NOT supporting this OS. It is better to upgrade in order to have full support and better utilization of modern hardware. Nevertheless you can try to run 5.22 at Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bits versions). First, download and install latest SafeNet drivers: Second, it may be required to add Administrative privileges to your Win 7 account. Alternatively you can move all data files from the location c:\Program Files\OptiLayer\... or c:\Program Files (x86)\OptiLayer\... to a different location accessible with your current credentials.

  • I wanted to try working with OptiLayer and installed the Demo version. But I see that the Demo can only execute the tutorial exercises. I cannot open a new project, create a target and specify my own materials. What I am doing wrong?

OptiLayer DEMO version is quite limited, since the main function of the DEMO is to demonstrate main abilities, power and computational efficiency of OptiLayer. Demo version gives you an impression about the interface as well. If you would like to try full functionality of OptiLayer, you may contact our dealer from your region. It is possible to use Trial version of OptiLayer with time-limited hardware key (dongle). You need to ask for such trial key if necessary.

  • I have filled the request form to download OptiLayer demo version but I still have not received the link and password. What to do?

First of all, check you spam filter – probably, OptiLayer mail is in the spam bin. Secondly, check exactly e-mail that you typed in the request. If these options do not help, please contact us and we send you the link and the password.

  • I traveled and lost my OptiLayer hardware key. What should I do?

Unfortunately, the hardware key acts as a proof of owning the license and cannot be replaced in this case. For the key replacement you need to return the broken or malfunctioning key back. If you lost your key, a new license should be purchased. Of course, it will be considered as the next license with corresponding multi-license discount.

  • When I started with OptiLayer I worked with Tutorial examples and created my own materials and designs directly in example directories (Ex1, Ex2,…). Now my colleague will study OptiLayer. How can I remove all my files, I do not remember what exactly I did, I have many useless data there.

First of all, we do not recommend to store any important data in the Examples or Tutorial Problem Directories. Please, create your own Problem Directories for this purpose. The reason is that when you install a new version of OptiLayer, the content of these directories can be overwritten and your files will be lost.

If you want to perform the clean-up of Tutorials and Example directories, you can simply remove them using Problems Dialog (Delete button) and after this you can reinstall OptiLayer. Make sure that Examples are selected during re-installation procedure.

  • I am going to determine the refractive index of a thin slightly absorbing layer on a thick glass substrate. So I tried to use OptiChar. I load my measured reflectance data and see that theoretical reflectance of the uncoated substrate is about 4% instead of 8%. Layer characterization gives bad results. What am I doing wrong?

Please check, whether you included substrate back side into the calculations. To include it, open Characterization Options and uncheck the box “Reflectance without back side”. Learn more about calculations with back side… 

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