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OptiLayer:  Your Partner in Design and Post-Production Characterization of Optical Coatings


  • I have installed the Demo version for evaluation. As far as I've seen, the Demo is limited to executing the tutorial exercises, without an option to open a new project or to use the catalog of layer materials and substrates to change the materials inside the exercises. Did I understand correctly or did I miss something?

OptiLayer DEMO version is quite limited, since the main function of the DEMO is to demonstrate main abilities, power and computational efficiency of OptiLayer. If you would like to try full functionality of OptiLayer, you may contact our responsible person for your region (see Distributors page). It is possible to use Trial version of OptiLayer with time-limited hardware key (dongle). You need to ask for such trial is necessary.

  • If we decide to purchase OptiLayer, do we buy the package or just a license for a period of time?

You purchase a license (or licenses) for specified number of working places. These licenses have no time limit. Even more, you can try the software before buying it, since we provide customers with Trial keys (so called “time limited trial versions”). It is simple: if you are satisfied, you can buy it.

  • What is the OptiLayer policy for software updates?

One year of updates is included with initial purchase. To receive further versions (releases), it is necessary to renew.

  • I need to calculate reflectance/transmittance of a single layer (3.0 mkm) on a thin B270 substrate (100 mkm) and to take into account substrate interference. As I understand, in OptiLayer the substrate is considered without interference. How to deal with this issue?

You should specify the “Air” substrate and create a design consisting of two layers (B270 of 100 mkm thickness and your thin film material of 3.0 mkm thickness).

  • I would like to learn example with COM Automation. Where I can find them?

You easily find these examples on your Desktop. They are automatically place there during the installation of OptiLayer.

  • I covered the front side of the substrate with already covered back side. Finally, I have a substrate covered from both sides. How can I provide post-production characterization of the front side coating?

You can do it using OptiRE module. In OptiRE you need to load your substrate and load back side coating (right-click menu at Designs database). Do not forget to specify properly substrate thickness and be sure that the boxes “Reflectance without back side”/”Transmittance without back side” are unchecked.

  • We use each witness chip for deposition of several layers and then reuse it for some other layers. Let’s say, we use Chip1 for monitoring of layers 1, 2 and layers 8, 9. We use Chip2 for monitoring of layers 3, 4 and layer 10, 11. I would like to create a monitoring spreadsheet for our case but I cannot find how to do it.

In OptiMonitor you should use right-click menu and choose Misc. Options. In the corresponding window you should check “Permit reusing of chips”.

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Docs / Support

Icons 100x100 2Comprehensive manual in PDF format and e-mail support help you at each step of your work with OptiLayer.



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