USB III Problem

  • What to do if OptiLayer is frozen immediately after starting?

The most likely, you have a problem with USB bus controller at your computer. It may suspend communications with the hardware key in some quite rare cases. For example, we had issues with USB III controllers at some modern computers. If it is your case, it is quite easy to fix: just try other USB ports! It is better to use not USB III, but classical USB II ports. In cases if your computer has only USB III connections, you can use any cheap USB hub that will automatically downgrade USB III to USB II.

Please, try the following:

1) If you are using USB III port for the dongle, try to switch to USB II. If you do not have USB II port at your computer, you can use any non-expensive USB II hub attached to USB III port.

2) In some cases the installation of latest USB III drivers from the USB III controller manufacturer helped.

3) It is also worthwhile to install all Windows updates at your computer, since OptiLayer programs use the standard Windows HID-interface to communicate with the dongle.

4) If above steps do not help, we can reprogram the key to a different mode, in which it will not rely on HID problematic interfaces. We can reprogram the key remotely.