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What's new in OptiLayer in 2013 (version 9.96)


A new design feature called Trapping for solving sophisticated design problems has been introduced. This feature can be accessed through the Trapping tab of the Analysis and Synthesis Options window (Options item of the Synthesis menu). At the Trapping tab you can specify upper and lower limits for the layers of the materials loaded into memory. If "Trapping active" option is selected then in the course of coating designing with the help of various OptiLayer design options specified trapping limits are included in the design procedure. This means that a thickness of any design layer once getting inside specified limits will stay inside these limits. The Trapping option can be used for preventing grows of thicknesses of some layers, for example, thicknesses of metal layers above a reasonable threshold level. This option can be also used for suppressing development of thin design layers in the course of design procedure. It is especially useful for EUV and X-Ray applications.




Easy to start

Icons 100x100 1OptiLayer provides user-friendly interface and a variety of examples allowing even a beginner to effectively start to design and characterize optical coatings.        Read more...

Docs / Support

Icons 100x100 2Comprehensive manual in PDF format and e-mail support help you at each step of your work with OptiLayer.



Icons 100x100 3If you are already an experienced user, OptiLayer gives your almost unlimited opportunities in solving all problems arising in design-production chain. Visit our publications page and challenge page.


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