Vacuum Materials

Vacuum Materials can be loaded additionally to common materials and will share the same abbreviations. If a Vacuum material is available for the same abbreviation, it will be used instead of a common material in all calculations that are related to vacuum environment:

  • OptiMonitor,
  • BBM, WDM and monochromatic simulators,
  • pre-production estimation of errors,
  • strategy generators (monochromatic monitoring).

 VacMat RefrInd

Spectral characteristics of the design with normal and vacuum materials are different. Calculation of expected transmittance in vacuum can be important, for example, in the case of monochromatic or BBM control.  Example: transmittance of 43-layer quarter wave stack in vacuum is shifted to the shorter wavelengths. 

VacMat T

Vacuum materials can be controlled in the Arrange materials dialog, using General Information window, or additional load options of the Layer Materials database.

VacMat ArrangeMat

VacMat GenInfWin