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OptiLayer:  Your Partner in Design and Post-Production Characterization of Optical Coatings


What's new in OptiLayer in 2013 (version 9.96)

Improvements in the Analysis and Synthesis modes

  • In particular zero thickness layers are now automatically removed in the course of the Formula Constrained Optimization procedure.
  • During optimization procedures it is not allowed to glue adjacent layers of the same material if at least one of them has F (Fixed) status.
  • The Gradual Evolution design procedure doesn't insert layers between layers having F (Fixed) status.
  • Sizes of History and Collection sets of designs are now adjustable and can be chosen among 50/100/250/500 size options using the right-click menus in respective windows.
  • The maximum number of points in Tabulate option has been increased from 9999 to 99999.
  • The Analysis and Synthesis Options window is now re-sizable. A re-sizable Options dialog is introduced also in OptiRE.
  • In OptiLayer you have now ability to easily update all windows opened at the screen at any instant during design computations. This can be done using F12 keyboard shortcut to the "Update other windows" command. It is also possible to access this command using a small speed-button at the lower-right corner of the chart window reflecting the progress of design procedure.






Easy to start

Icons 100x100 1OptiLayer provides user-friendly interface and a variety of examples allowing even a beginner to effectively start to design and characterize optical coatings.        Read more...

Docs / Support

Icons 100x100 2Comprehensive manual in PDF format and e-mail support help you at each step of your work with OptiLayer.



Icons 100x100 3If you are already an experienced user, OptiLayer gives your almost unlimited opportunities in solving all problems arising in design-production chain. Visit our publications page and challenge page.


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