OptiLayer Workshops

Save the date: OptiLayer Workshop will be held on 01.03.2022-03.03.2022 in Hotel Terrassenhof, Adrian Stoop Str. 50, 83707 Bad Wiessee, Germany.

Important: the maximum number of participants is 25.

Important: To avoid complications with COVID19 regulations it is strongly recommended to book the accommodation in the conference hotel: https://inquiery.terrassenhof.de/v8client/inquiry.aspx. Please mention OptiLayer workshop. Preliminary Agenda and Registration form can be found here.

  • OptiLayer Workshops are regularly held in Europe and in the United States of America.

  • OptiLayer runs workshops also in Japan and China.

  • Custom training courses are given for individual companies.

  • NEW: OptiLayer provides on-line trainings, which help you to start using OptiLayer in the most effective way. The training program is composed on the basis of customer's request. 

The course lectures are given mainly by OptiLayer Team. 

The course will cover the most recent advances in main topics related to the design and post-production characterization of optical coatings. The course is useful for both beginners and experienced users.

The course provides also general theoretical basis of thin film optics.

  • For beginners: Most important basic ideas and necessary initial skills in using OptiLayer
  • For experienced users: Advanced design, characterization and post-production characterization options, recently developed numerical tools and the most up-to-date software decisions

OptiLayer team is ready to discuss and solve your design and characterization problems in extra time.

If you would like to receive actual information about the upcoming workshop please contact us.

Bring your problems with you and OptiLayer experts will help!